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Columbia River - Passing Parade by Bill W. Dodge 


The original of this image was inspired by a view from artist Dodge's studio. He wanted replicate as many of the many different ships have gone up and down the river since Robert Gray first crossed the might Columbia's treacherous bar on May 17, 1792. The research required weeks of accumulating historical images of the many different ypes of boats. Che out the submarine periscope on the lower left corner of the river. See it? It is said that a submarine did pass through these waters. 


Bill W Dodge is an American Folk Artist well known for painting iconic images of various towns. Since moving to Astoria, Oregon in 1999, he has painted the riverfront many times, capturing the decades of evolution and history of this picturesque town. 

Columbia River Passing Parade, Americana Print by Bill W. Dodge

PriceFrom $50.00
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