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Blown Glass - Sculptures | Vases | Platter | Bowl


Artist Statement:

"I was drawn to off hand glass blowing after seeing a demonstration. The shear difficulty of creating these beautiful colorful masterpieces from a molten medium truly intrigued me." 


Lino Tagliapietra's work was definitely always my favorite, he's my biggest influence. The technical aspects of his works make them so awe inspiring to me. Dante Marioni is another very technical glass artist whose work was influential. I studied both their works, I also was able to watch them both work live multiple times.


Schaffer was raised in Evanston Illinois, graduate of southern Illinois University. After graduating college he moved to the west coast to pursue a career as a glass artist. He lived in Seattle for 6 years working/apprenticing under some of the top names in the glass industry and then moved back to Portland in 2007 to start Louis Schaffer designs. 

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