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Lively & Vibrant Impressionism


Peter Theobald, or “Theo” as he is better known, comes from a long line of artists. His paintings are lively and vibrant, each painted in an expressive style strongly influenced by Van Gogh and other impressionistic artists. Peter began his art career as a goldsmith and loved the physical act of creating art. During that time, he loved bending and forging precious metals into the shapes of his imagination, cradling the jewels securely to offset his work with sparks of color.

Color is central to everything Theo paints, whether it’s a landscape, a flowerpot on a front stoop, or a beautiful vineyard—they all seem alive with joy and celebration. Peter explains, “My goal is to produce art that exhilarates. I like to exaggerate colors to capture the soul of the subject.” After hand-mixing each shade to his desired intensity, Peter manipulates acrylic paints, modeling paste, and gel mediums with palette knives as his tool instead of a brush, and creates the thick, rich layers that give his work its characteristic depth and movement. The last step is covering the entire work in a series of translucent glazes that enrich the colors and give the surface a brilliant shine.

Theo’s paintings glimmer like the jewelry that he spent a decade designing—only instead of cold metal, they contain the warmth of paint and Peter’s joyous spirit.

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