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12 x18 GicleePrints
5" x 7" Fine Art Cards


Artist Statement:


"It has been said of my work that it contains a strong narrative. Each piece does reveal a story and each story has in infinite degree of source. I am a voracious reader, a student of mankind's mythologies, and an eternal seeker of knowledge. I believe there is more to existence than the everyday, there is the other worldly, the imaginative, and the spiritual. The Arts dwell within this ephemeral realm, without definition, enhancing our lives, simply because they exist. Questions abound about my work: wings, exaggerated musculature, unusual surface and form treatment. I sculpt for myself. it is my passion. Not all of you will understand, to those of you who do, I say, "Enjoy.""

Bud Egger sees clearly the struggle between man and the world he occupies. 

Egger's powerful hands wring emotions, anguish, want and joy from Roman stone, paper, and fiber. His studio is enveloped in the woods of Oregon. He received his Masters of Fine Art from the University of Oregon in 1983 and has been accepted by countless juried National competitions. 

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