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This particular dream began when I was hired to work in a gallery in Cannon Beach around 2003. It opened up my world in a way that I hadn't experienced. I started to view the scenes around me through an artist's lens, really noticing the shadows and reflections, the details that artists paint when creating their work. A few years later, the economy suffered, the gallery closed. I worked for a few other owners in a few other cities, but really missed many of the artists that I'd met early on. It wasn't quite the same. After a time, I started wanting to open my own gallery and talked about it while pouring wine or doing some other sort of job that came up in between. Another discovered passion was working for the Seaside Farmers Market and getting heavily involved with the community through Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District. I kept the space and flexibility open for the gallery that I was dreaming about. I walked through Seaside and Astoria, imagining the gallery in various locations, and would inquired from time to time about the cost per square foot. One day, a sort of miracle happened. I was talking to the owner of a building about how much Seaside needed another venue and how great the space on the 2nd floor would work. We had talked previously about my dream of having a gallery too. He offered me a small space on the 1st floor to get started. It was something that fit into the budget if I kept working and that was the beginning of the Angi D Wildt Gallery. It opened in November of 2018. In September of 2020, I was able to move into another of his properties in Astoria, Oregon on the 10th St. It is a magical street with three other galleries, boutiques, and a busy quilt shop. It is really fun to be part of this neighborhood in Astoria where more people make it a destination for viewing art. ​On a side note, when I moved back to the North Coast, I vowed to get into sailing and open and art gallery and not to let anything distract from those paths. I started sailing that first year and then a few years later... 

And, when you want something, all the Universe conspires to help you achieve it. (1).png


To create a calming space filled with art from people that I've met over the years, Artists that I've wanted to get out into the world, a place for people who have a love of art to enjoy and find pieces that speak to them. 

Angi D Wildt Gallery Interior


Art has the power to take us on a journey. The artist provides the path through many avenues: raw, edgy, peaceful, serene, subtle, pretty, thought-provoking, a trip down memory lane, an insight into a life we'll never live, an inspiration, beauty in the darkness. 

Interior of the Angi D Wildt Gallery
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