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Discover the captivating beauty of Portland with this stunning artwork. "Abstract Colors Over Portland", a painting by James E Dunbar, brings the cityscape to life with its vibrant golden and blue hues, capturing the essence of the city's skyline as it reflects in the tranquil river below. The bold strokes and intricate details create a sense of movement and energy that draws the viewer into the scene. The addition of a field of orange flowers in the foreground adds a pop of color and depth, enhancing the overall composition. This piece is a must-have for art enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of abstract and realistic elements in a captivating cityscape. Add a touch of Portland's charm to your collection with this mesmerizing artwork.

Abstract Colors Over Portland, painting by James E Dunbar

$3,600.00 Regular Price
$2,880.00Sale Price
  • 36" x 60" x 1.5"

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