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Mixed Media Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Christine Hippeli is a mixed media gesture driven abstract expressionist artist who works with, but not limited to: acrylics, oil sticks, grafite, and collage on paper. Currently residing 15 minutes from where she grew up in Stratford, Connecticut with detours through Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon before circling back to the east coast. Her early creative interest took the form of photography as a teenager coming of age in the Arizona desert and not until very later and unexpectedly turned to painting in 2017.

She is a self taught artist with no formal training who finds endless fun and fulfillment, and meaning  in experimenting with foreign and new to her materials and techniques. She is passionate and driven to make art that drives involvement and encourages imagination and leaves her audience with a question or a sense of curiosity or altered sense of perspective, if even for a moment in time. Elements of nature: trees, floral imagery, mountains often unintentionally present themselves in her work. As its very basic element; her art is about manifesting internal emotion, feeling, and impulses and forcing and projecting them on to and out to the surface where they can be seen and experienced. She takes an intuitive approach and sees her work as equally a game, a puzzle, and an act of faith.

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