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Seascapes &  Landscapes - Oil Paintings


Quata Cody resides in Seattle, WA living the life of an artisan. Besides her love for painting and acting, she also restores and decorates the furnishings in her home. She raises chickens and makes her own wine.


Artists Statement:

“My Grandmother gave me her amazing wooden box of oil paints when I was 10. Shortly thereafter an uncle gave me an oil painting lesson. I was hooked. I did two ocean scene paintings on canvas and used up all the paint within 3 months painting on paper, cardboard and whatever I could find.”


Quata’s paintings depict the vast array of experiences in life from an ethereal, dreamy Palm Trees, Island feel to the raw, vulnerable emotions that we feel when processing harsh realities. Stills show clips of daily life. She works in many mediums, but her passion is oils.


One of Quata's paintings was purchased by the set crew for an episode of Hawaii Five O several years ago. 

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