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Cora's One Stop Farm, print by Bill W Dodge. The 12 x 16 is a one #1 of 1 sample. The farm features many things for sale, quilts, just-picked corn, cabbage, onions, u-pik-um pumpkins, ham on the hoof, fresh eggs, Cora's Spuds, sunflowers, cucumbers, hard cider, homemade pies, milk, butter, free kitties. The steam train engineer passing by on the tracks waves to the farmer who is raking leaves. One of the ladies is knitting on the porch of the Victorian style home. The church and the home are both adorned with stained glass windows. It's sunset at the farm where the trees are changing colors on this fall evening. Another lady is giving a little girl with her dog and her dad, some fruit. 

Cora's One Stop Farm, Americana print by Bill W Dodge

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Pieces are shipped flat in a sleeve with backing. 

  • Arist Proof - Edition Size 25

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