Beautiful glass mosaic 'Twist' sculpture with a thread sunshine weaved through it from the Nature Series by Suzanne Vaughan. Measures 17" H X 8.5" X 4.5". 


Twists: The upward reaching Twists reflect the resilience and flexibility of wood in the entwining strands. They symbolize the connections and bonds generated from the forming of friendships and merging of cultures. Fiddle Head Fern (Koru): The majestic unfurling fern frond represents growth emerging from new beginnings. As it curls outwards with new life it stands strong, proud and at peace. Aquatic I have a real affinity with water, both its cleansing and revitalizing qualities and its power to transform. Not only is it the vital essence of all life forms but it contains an innate wisdom in its ability to take the path of least resistance. Large bodies of water sustain the lives of many magnificent creatures creating a source of both inspiration and sustenance.

Each Glass Mosaic Sculpture is uniquely sculpted using a reductive technique. A light foam base is carved into flowing contours, and is then coated to create an exoskeleton. Each sculpture is encrusted in rhythmic patterns of hand-cut colored glass, mirror or gems that are selected to emphasize the character and form of the underlying structure. The tiles are smoothed and arranged into flowing lines adding vibrancy and intensity to the twists and curves. Collectively they entice the eye as the light shimmers and dances across the multi-faceted surfaces, generating a sense of energy and movement. Suzanne draws her inspiration from the gracious elegance and simplicity of natures’ design, the foaming swirling action of water, the majestic unfurling fern frond, and the upward reaching spirals suggestive of a twisting wooden spire. Some pieces explore symbols such as the infinity sign, where the form is stretched and manipulated to take on many personas.

Twist, Glass Mosaic Sculpture by Suzanne Vaughan - 17" H X 8.5" X 4.5"

  • 17" H X 8.5" X 4.5"