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"Threatening Rain" is a captivating landscape painting by acclaimed artist Richard Burke. The piece expertly captures the ominous atmosphere of an impending storm, with dark, brooding clouds looming in the distance. Burke's use of bold brushstrokes and a moody color palette creates a sense of tension and foreboding, adding a palpable sense of drama to the scene. The contrast between the atmospheric sky and the tranquil countryside below adds an intriguing dynamic to the composition, drawing the viewer into the painting. "Threatening Rain" is a stunning example of Burke's masterful ability to convey emotion and atmosphere through his artwork. The painting has a  black floating framed that is included and is ready to hang. 

"Threatening Rain", Painting by Richard Burke, 24" x 36"

  • Oil Painting on wood panel - 24" x 36" x 1.25"

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