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Oregon Coast, Whale of a Place Americana Print by Bill W Dodge. This is a fun print of Cannon Beach. A huge whale breaches behind Hay Stack Rock, an owl is pushed up by the whale spout. High flying kites are in the air, seagulls all around, sailboats are off shore. A rain cloud with a lightning bolt and a rainbow create a small shower on an otherwise nice day. Someone is walking under the rain with a butterfly umbrella. Bill has painted himself into the image, painting Hay Stack Rock. A mermaid shaped from sand and a sand castle nod to the Sand Castle Contest that happens yearly in Cannon Beach, there is this signature dog that one sees in many of Dodge's paintings along with the colorful spinnaker that is in many of his images. This image is available in 2 sizes. One 6 x 13 is in a thin red metal frame, available until sold. These are Ltd Edition prints

Oregon Coast, A Whale of a Place, Americana print by Bill W Dodge

PriceFrom $50.00
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