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Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of a Coloristic Sunset of Cannon Beach, captured in a stunning oil painting by James E Dunbar. This masterful piece features a mesmerizing sunset with a long reflective shelf mirroring the striking blues, purples, pinks, and yellow hues of the sky, creating a captivating visual spectacle. With the iconic Haystack Rock in view, this vibrant and emotive artwork transports you to the serene and picturesque shores of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Each brushstroke skillfully sculpted by the artist brings this natural wonder to life, infusing the painting with depth and texture, making it a perfect addition to any art collector's repertoire. Bring the tranquility and allure of the Pacific Coast's colorful sunsets into your home with this captivating and evocative piece.

Coloristic Sunset of Cannon Beach, Painting by James E Dunbar

  • 24" x 48"

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