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"On the day I lew into Portland from Los Angeles it was pouring down rain" (which Dodge loves) and the real estate broker rushed over saying, ""Mr. Dodge, Mr. Dodge don't worry. It doesn't always rain like this." At that point I replied to him, "Be cardful what you say about the rain because it's what I love - keeps me indoors painting away at my easel. California's almost always sunshiny days always lured me outside to be reative in my garden." After decades of living here I do have a complaint about the rain!! It just doesn't rain enough! Lol Lol  by Bill Dodge


Two kids in raincoats and rain boots catching raindrops on their tongues. One has a butterfly umbrella and the other has a frog adorned umbrella. They are standing in Astoria, Oregon under the Megler Bridge with the river in the background and lots of seagulls in the air and raindrops in the air.

Catching Raindrops, Americana print by Bill W Dodge

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