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Photography - Landscapes & Astrophotography


Dustin Yorksie - Known to his friends as Woody


First-generation American born to Canadian immigrants. Growing up in the Great Lakes region fishing and the beauty of the outdoors had a lasting influence. Photography started early with a small Kodak Brownie Bullet, then an Instamatic 100, and various other 110/126 format cameras. Eventually saving up and buying a used Pentax K 1000 SE. That camera traveled the world for 5 years in the Marines as a CH-46E helicopter Crew Chief. Lots of film shot from the air captured views from all around the world. Through different careers from Harley Mechanic to running a custom woodworking business, the camera was there capturing the world through the lens. Only homelessness could eventually separate the two.


After some hard times and help from some wonderful people, obstacles were overcome and stable housing in an artist community lead back to those photography roots. Purchasing a used Sony A6500 in 2018 and solidifying sustainably housing in Oregon lead to Wood's Eye View Photography. Working on skills in the digital side of editing and learning the correlation between digital and traditional darkroom techniques has rekindled the passion to travel the world and share it through the lens with others. A constant love of space exploration has also lead to a newfound passion for Astrophotography as a current major focus. Future work in weather photography, macro and of course landscape will continue to unfold. Current work shot with a Sony A7iii or Sony A7S with full-spectrum modification for Infrared photography.

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