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Sacred Watercolor

1937 - 2015

Ann Rothan's interest in drawing angels began in 1978 in earnest when she moved from Ohio to Central Oregon. Her home overlooked the Cascade Mountain Range. There she saw and felt angelic beings take form in the sky over the mountains. Often the clouds became winds then celestial beings simply presented themselves. Sometimes she drew what she saw, other times she painted her feelings of their presence. Her fondness of painting children with angels always threads its way throughout her work. In 1982 a major shift took place. As this time four forces made their way into her art. After capturing their essence on paper a flood of angel-like beings "came through". 

Ann received her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and was named Alumni of the year in 1992. She illustrated for Highlight Magazine and other publishers. She taught art in high-shools. 

Ann illustrated many books, "Lit from Within, A Book for the Evolving Soul," "Twice Blessed, The Secret Life of Twins," "Quien Puede Ayudarme a Dormir," "Who Can Help Me Sleep," and more. 

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