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Photography - Landscapes & Nautical

    Reflections, Sailboats, Natural Beauty of the PNW

    When Angi D Wildt encountered her first camera in middle school, she was hooked. Back then you had to wait for the film to be processed. In high school, Wildt took publishing classes, working with a team to produce the high school yearbook. Over summer break the students had an opportunity to attend basic photo and journalism classes at the Maryville, Missouri Community College. That is where the puzzle pieces fell into place about framing shots, analyzing light and shadow. That was enough to set her on the adventure of capturing life’s moments.  

    Wildt is fascinated with reflections, the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, sailing and sailboats. Ripples in the water create impressionistic styled photos, the waves on shore leave behind interesting patterns lending themselves to abstract photography.

    A dream of opening a gallery, that was 12 years in the making, to promote other artists that she encountered on her journey, led to an opportunity to exhibit her own photography.

    Promoting places and people are a common theme. She began sharing photos to Google Maps with the hopes that it would help local businesses and other places that she enjoys. Angi's current view count is 12 million. 

    Freelance photographs in the news.

    Life before the gallery

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